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Norfolk, NR9.

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Providing 1-1 animal healing sessions & unequalled. professional animal healer training, animal communication, animal reiki, crystal therapy & Bach flower training in Norfolk, UK. On-site diploma & Learn @ Home certificate level courses.

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About Niki

My healing work with animals has covered nearly 40 years. It all started with a scrawny black semi-feral cat named Timmy when I was 8. I pledged to help any animal in need & turned vegetarian in my teens & became actively involved in many animal awareness campaigns.


I suffered a stroke in my 20's caused by stress. I was at university & also employed within the Social Services, I had little time to relax and enjoy my life. To aid my recovery I embarked upon a personal journey of holistic healing & I've never looked back. I trained in various modalities of complementary therapy & became a Lecturer in adult education establishments.


In the late 1990's I proposed a professional training course in animal healing; one of the first in the country. It took almost six years for the regulatory bodies to approve the course to be taught professionally.  


I started teaching Animal Magic© courses in 2002. In March 2010 I was awarded training school status and now deliver some of the only diploma level courses in animal therapy modalities in the UK. Sadly, my diary is full for new clients until October 2018. I can refer you on to one of my graduates. Please use the contact form if you wish for a referral.




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From Niki's Forthcoming Book.....

"I believe that anyone with an open heart and mind can achieve great things within the realm of healing animals. You need not possess a ‘gift’; we all have the gift, if we just tap into a part of ourselves that has lain dormant for far too long.


Healing is a re-awakening of mind and it’s about learning to trust our own spirit and being grateful for our intuition".....


©N. J. Senior 2018