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Animal Magic Training Courses

Animal Magic Healer Foundation training is completed via Learn @ Home. There are 16 modules.

You need not have completed all modules to attend the practitioner training day.  This is a certificate level course. The second part is the diploma


Animal Magic© Healer Practitioner training provides a recognised Diploma level qualification in animal healing. This course is covered by insurance and allows the graduate to practice as a professional Animal Healer. The practitioner training is 1 day on-site. Completion of portfolio along with Foundation training is required to achieve diploma qualification. We then offer the optional Master Animal Healer level training which is completed at home.


Soul Speak© Animal Communication training is the only diploma level training in animal communication in the UK. Soul Speak© is a unique communication technique developed by Niki Senior. Upon completion of this 1 day on-site course and case studies you will receive professional animal communicator Diploma certification along with the optional use of post-nominal letters e.g Jane Smith AMACDip.  This course can also be studied via Learn @ Home - (certificate level).


Animal Magic© Reiki is the only diploma level animal reiki training available in the UK. The course structure is: Foundation training completed at home. Level 1 & Level 2 (practitioner) is 1 day on site training. Upon completion of this course / portfolio you will receive a professional Animal Magic Reiki© diploma. We also offer a Learn @ Home certificated level Animal Magic Reiki course. See 'Shop' pages.


Bach Flower Remedy for Animals practitoner training. Bach remedies are essences derived from plant, tree, and in some cases, mineral sources. They are completely non-toxic and have very little taste or smell, but work in a gentle way to balance the emotional and physical bodies of the animal. Bach Flower Remedies differ from most other complementary therapies because they are safe for every animal.


The Animal Magic Training course in Bach Flower Remedies consists of 3 elements: Element 1: Foundation Training. Element 2: Implementor Training. Element 3: Practitioner Training. This course is completed via Learn @ Home.


Crystal Therapy for Animals training is the only diploma level training course in the UK. Foundation training & Practitioner level - both parts are completed via Learn @ Home. Completion of portfolio along with Foundation training is required to achieve diploma qualification.





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