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Do I have to be an experienced healer to enrol? 

No. All Animal Magic© training courses are complete packages suitable for both novice and experienced healers, you do not need any experience of healing or working with animals, just a love for animals.


Is there home study to complete post training?

All Foundation parts to our courses are completed at home. Because our training courses are at diploma level standard and professionally recognised, there is a portfolio to complete post on-site training. You have between 18 months to 30 months to complete your portfolio dependant on which course you undertake.


Can I work professionally after training?  

Yes! Because all Animal Magic© training courses are taught to the highest diploma level standard, the courses are fully certificated and insurable. Our training offers professional qualifications that is recognised by insurance companies, enabling you to practice professionally. Animal Magic Training© provides graduates with optional post-nominal letters for use after your name adding kudos and confidence to your training achievements, should you wish to work alongside other animal health professionals including Vets etc.


Will I receive support during & after training?

Yes! Support is offered and always available through Animal Magic© Training membership group. This group is invaluable to both students and graduates. There are video's, audio's, Q & A sessions, PDF files to download as well as support from other Animal Magic© students & graduates. Membership also awards you with your very own page on my website, enabling clients to contact you directly once graduated.


What is the difference between Animal Magic healer training & Animal Magic Reiki?

The differences between Animal Magic Healer Training and Animal Magic Reiki are many. Reiki is channelled through ancient Sanskrit symbols as it's a specific healing modality. Reiki also comes with a lineage line; Niki Senior is  lucky enough to be just 11th in her lineage line from the founder of this energy - Dr Usui. AMT offers the only diploma level animal Reiki course in the UK. There is an attunement at the end of the diploma on-site training. The symbols are not Usui symbols, they are Animal Magic Reiki symbols and this course is specific to animals. For the Learn @ Home certificate level course the attunement is done distantly.


Animal Magic healer training is a complete system of healing. It differs from Reiki because there are no symbols to channel the healing energy through. The AMT healer links in with different, but specific energy sources and applies the healing at direct anatomical regions of an animals' body; working with Ikin channels and within auric levels to remove blockages, heal emotional disturbances and bring the animals' body back into balance, so you can see it is a very different healing modality.


How do I pay for a course? 

First, email us to check that there are spaces on your chosen course, then go to our 'Shop' page to purchase your place on the course. Methods of payment are simple, either by PayPal, card via PayPal or via bank transfer - contact us for details. All students need to complete an enrolment form. Places do become full quickly.


What are the 2018 portfolio marking dates?





All portfolios should reach us via email by 15th of the marking month so we can prepare additional criteria to support your package as it takes 5-6 hours to add the additional criteria and mark each one. All practitioner or diploma certificates will be sent within 21 days after final marking date.


Can I send my portfolio for marking outside of the above dates?

Yes. You can pre-book a non-scheduled marking date. Each date needs to be booked 2 weeks in advance. There is a fee of £68.


Post-nominal letters

If you wish to add kudos to your certification you may purchase post-nominal letters to use after your name and on websites and your promotional material. The cost is £48.00.


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