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Fuensanta - AMAH

Fuensanta de la Cruz - Animals in Calm


I am from Spain and I arrived in London four years ago with the hope of finding a style of life, connected with my love of animals, which could work in harmony with my approach to life. I chose to study and develop holistic healing for animals after studying different topics in relation to animals, including behaviour, caring, anatomy and psychology.


I am a sensitive, intuitive person; animals deserve maximum respect and understanding, they need to feel the freedom during the session to select the length, distance and the way of the session. When I perform a session my heart is completely open and connected with the animal, animals let me know what they need.


Healing is trust, healing is to let the love enter in yourself and cure imbalances; when I feel during my sessions that the animal companions and the animal start to relax,  trust in my work and in the energy, the healing becomes fluent, smooth and full of light. Trust is the key. Trust is healing.  


I have been a Reiki Master for three years. I am a qualified Animal Healer - AMAH (with Distinction). In addition, I am training in Animal Essentia, Animal Master Healing & Animal Communication. Reiki and Animal Healing with Energy is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" or "hands off" (depending on the animal).


I am fully insured to practice as an Animal Healer.


I am based in London, I work within 30 minutes public transport from area Barbican/Old Street, EC1. For appointments outside this area, please contact me with your specific requirements to obtain a treatment plan and costings.


You can find more information and testimonials about my work at:  


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