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Animal Magic Training Membership

This unique membership opportunity provides:


1. Every Animal Magic© student with the very best student & graduate support & additional learning tools including post-training tutorials.

2. Every graduate is given the knowledge to establish their own successful healing clinic.

3. An opportunity to enhance your animal healing knowledge greatly by viewing video tutorials, participating in interactive exercises, informational PDF downloads, audio files of 1-1 question and answer sessions & relaxation for the mind on personal awareness  journeys.

4. Every graduate will receive their own page on Animal Magic Training                                           along with upto photographs, 350 words &  a web-link to your personal website - this website is usually the first result in Google!

5. Personal Q & A sessions each month with Niki.

6. The opportunity for 1-1 coaching sessions via Skype or audio recordings.

7. Special offers & discounts on further training.

8. Competitions.

9. Support from other animal healers, students & graduates.