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Niki Senior - IIHHTDip VTCTDip AICHTDip AMMCTTDip AEMPT™ & Master Herbalist, AromathologistmIIHT & Reiki Master Teacher - 20 Years

Niki's Animal Healing Journey



My healing work with animals has spanned nearly 40 years. I started healing when I was around 8 years old. Being an only child, my parents rescued a scrawny stray black cat to keep me company; I named him Timmy.  We didn't know how old Timmy was, but shortly after we rescued him we discovered he had a renal tumour.  The Vet advised that he probably wouldn't live for longer than a few months. However, I instinctively knew I could help Timmy. I placed my hands upon him every day, visualising pure, light, healing energy cleansing his system & healing the growth. Timmy lived for another 8 years and passed to spirit naturally aged 16. We shared a further wonderful 8 years.


My Vision

I pledged to help any animal in need from the age of 10. I became vegetarian in my teens & I began to raise awareness of factory farming & animal welfare, becomming actively involved in many important campaigns whilst at college.


My Personal Journey

I suffered a mild stroke in my 20's caused by stress. I was studying a university course & employed with the Social Services. I had little time to relax and enjoy my life. To assist my recovery I embarked upon journey of holistic health & I've never looked back. I then trained in various modalities of complementary therapy & became a Lecturer in further edication establishments.


In the late 1990's I proposed a professional training course in animal healing. Six years passed for regulatory bodies to approve the course to be taught professionally. I was overjoyed that those years of hard work had come to fruition. I started teaching Animal Magic© healing courses in 2002. In March 2010 I was awarded training school status - Animal Magic Training©.


Trademarked Course

In 2007 I developed a groundbreaking new animal therapy modality: Arbor Essentia Therapy. In 2012 I received trademarkation after 5 years. AE™ is unavailable anywhere else in the world. In 2016 our AniScentia was awarded permission to teach at professional diploma level.



I owe my life to animals as they walk with me on earth and in spirit.


Telephone: Niki Senior ~ 07939 722792

Email: ukanimalhealer@hotmail.co.uk


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