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Norfolk, NR9.

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Providing 1-1 animal healing sessions & unequalled. professional animal healer training, animal communication, animal reiki, crystal therapy & Bach flower training in Norfolk, UK. On-site diploma & Learn @ Home certificate level courses.

Q & A's

Question: Do I have to be an experienced healer to enrol?


Answer: No! All Animal Magic© training courses are complete packages suitable for both novice & experienced healers, you do not need any experience of healing or working with animals, just a love for animals.




Question: Is home study required to complete after the 1 day on-site diploma training courses?


Answer: Because all of our training courses are offered at diploma level there is a portfolio to complete post-training. You have 24 months to complete your portfolio. However, not if you choose to do a P.I.A assessment, there are no case studies to complete.



Question: Can I work professionally after I complete the required portfolio?


Answer: Yes! Because all Animal Magic© training courses are taught to the highest standards, the courses are fully certificated & insurable. The training offers professional qualifications that are recognised by insurance companies, enabling you to practice professionally once qualified. In addition Animal Magic Training© provides graduates with post-nominal letters for use after your name adding kudos and confidence to your training achievements at diploma level.

Question: What if I need help during home study, do you provide it?


Answer: Yes! Support is offered & always available through our Animal Magic© Training membership group. This group is invaluable to both students and graduates. There are video's, audio's, Q & A sessions, PDF files to download as well as support from other Animal Magic© students & graduates. You can ask as many questions as you like. Membership also awards you with your very listing on this website once graduated, enabling potential clients to contact you directly.

Question: How do I pay for a course?


Answer: It's simple. Go to our 'Shop' page to purchase your chosen course. The main method of payment is PayPal, but we also accept bank transfer payments - email us for details.


All students need to complete an enrolment form. Places do become full quickly. All course payments are non-refundable under all circumstances. By returning the enrolment form you are agreeing to this and entering in to the contract, there is no right to refund.


We now offer an installment plan - email us for details. If you have paid an agreed deposit, the balance for all courses must be paid 1 month before the on-site training date or before Learn @ Home courses are released. If the final balance hasn't been settled, your reservation & any installments paid to date will not be refunded.

Question: I want to purchase my post-nominal letters with my diploma certification, how do I go about this?


Answer: Post-nominal letters accompany your name (e.g Jane Smith - AMMHDip), giving kudos to you, expressing that you've graduated in a course of the highest standard. Post-nomimal letters also gives confidence to Vets, other animal health professionals and individuals when employing your services. You are permitted to use your post-nominal letters solely for advertising your Animal Magic services. You may not use them on any other form of advertising, if you are seen to be doing so the post-nominal letters will be withdrawn and a fee will be requested for breach of use.


Post-nomimal letters are paid for by bank transfer and cost £68.33. Please email your request for Post-nominal letters when you submit your portfolio. They may not be awarded at a later date.

Question: How do I complete the Learn @ Home training courses?


Answer: The Learn @ Home training courses are currently sent in easy PDF format. We are in the process of creating a dedicated Animal Magic on-line learning hub.

Question: What are the 2018 marking dates?


Answer: February / June / November - the last week of each month


Important Information:

Ensure your portfolio is emailed to before the 15th of each marking month. We will confirm receipt of your portfolio but we cannot enter into feedback post-marking. Please ensure you use the checklist in your training manual of what to include. We cannot process your portfiolio for marking if all criteria hasn't been met or if evidence is missing. Your practitioner level certificate will arrive by post within 28 days after the final month date. Foundation level certificates are emailed.

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