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Syllabus Info

Soul Speak© Animal Communication Syllabus

What Animal Communication is / Our Ancient Self / Releasing Negativity

How Animals Think & Understanding Non-Verbal Thinking/ Preparing to Communicate Effectively

Animal Communication – The Soul Speak© Method Step by Step

The Intuitive Centres: Clairvoyance & Clairaudience  / Interpreting & Delivering Information Correctly / Practical Application of Soul Speak© with Photographs

Soul Speak© - Professional Client Sessions / Practical Sessions with Dogs & Small Animals

Working within Boundaries of Current Law / Ethical Conduct

Developing a Successful Animal Communication Clinic


Animal Magic Reiki© Syllabus

Components of Animal Magic Reiki© / Animal Magic Reiki© & The Animal Chakra System

The History of Traditional Reiki / Brambells 5 Freedoms / The 5 Animal Magic Reiki© Principles

The Animal Magic© initiation ceremony / The Gassho Connection

Animal Magic Reiki© Health & Safety / Prepararing You as the Animal Magic Reiki© Healer

Awakening Your Animal Magic© Channel / Release Negativity / Invoke Your Power Animal/s – Inner journey

The Animal Magic Reiki© Sacred Symbols; The KA-ra / The Comhar / The Dail / The Bua

Channelling The Energy / The Animal Magic© Reiki Hand Positions

Sealing, Balancing, Grounding & Energy disconnection / Observed Animal Responses & Reactions

Absent Animal Magic Reiki© & Animal Magic Reiki© at Rainbow Bridge

Considerations of Animal Magic Reiki© for non-pets

Healing Ttechniques for non-companion Animals

Working professionally & Ethics, Guidelines & Legalities of Animal Magic Reiki©


Bach Flower Remedies for Animals Syllabus

Dr Bach & His Formative Years / The Nosodes

The 38 Remedies / Using the remedies in everyday situations for animals

Identifying specific target areas & applying Bach / Identifying our own Bach requirements

Vibrational concepts behind Bach remedy use

Focus on behaviour, personality and emotions of animals

Understanding how the remedies relate to common animal behavioural and emotional conditions

Approaching animals, respecting boundaries and building bonds

Identifying the animals’ needs in relation to specific remedies

Prescribing and administering remedies for treatment

Current animal and veterinary law and legislation in regards to Bach flower remedies and animals

Health and safety when working with animals / Practical sessions


Crystal Therapy for Animals Syllabus

What Crystals Are / Time Travelling Crystals & Their Wisdom / How Crystals Work / Crystal Vision

The Animal Magic© Code of Health & Safety /The Animal Magic© Professional Ethical Conduct & Protocol / Conducting a Crystal Therapy Session

Crystal Formations / Crystal Cleansing, Programming & Activating Animal Crystals

Dowsing Pendulums / Selecting Crystals for Animals & The Self-selecting Process

The Energy System of Animals; The Major, Bud, Sensory & Butterfly Chakras

Crystal Therapy in Rescue Centres & The Animal Magic© Staying Safe Code of Practice

Crystal Integration with Animal Guides & Remote Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy for Animals – Practical Application Methods & Layouts

Crystal Balance Grid / Recovery & Support Grid / Joint & Mobility Issues Grid / Soft Tissue & Internal Organs Grid / Supporting Trauma; Rescue Animals, Aggression & Jealousy Grids

Ascension Advancement / Contraindicated Crystals


Animal Magic Foundation Healing Syllabus






Animal Magic Practitioner Syllabus






Canine AniScentia© Syllabus


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