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Student Testimonials


"It was a really great experience, I met some really lovely people and it was so helpful to be able to do some practical work because it helped me make sense of everything learnt so far. I found Niki’s style of teaching really easy to follow and appreciated that it wasn’t all theory or too serious. Being able to break off into a story or laugh about something actually helped make things more memorable and ingrain in my memory much easier than if it had been a very rigid, serious format. Breaking up the day with practical elements and having the smaller ‘tasks’ such as the photo animal communication also worked really well for me because it kept things interesting and moving. I just wanted to say thank you so much to Niki for a really wonderful day. I’ve been having quite a tough time recently and it was brilliant to get away from that – and get out of my own head – for a while and just be completely absorbed in the day. It was also really refreshing and encouraging for me to be able to interact and talk to someone who is really open and comfortable with what they do even though it isn’t conventional, part of my fear of moving forward with this has often been worrying about the reactions I would get from the people around me but having spent the day working with animals and people I haven’t met before and actually getting results has given me so much more confidence to push on with this. I already knew in my heart that this was ‘right’ for me, I just needed more conviction and the practitioner training day has given me that so thank you for a brilliant day and I can’t wait to get started with creating my portfolio!" C. F, Norfolk.


"I've had the most mind blowing 2 days. I'm exausted both physically and mentally, but for the first time ever in my life I feel like I'm in the right place and doing the right thing:" Clare Rutland, London


"Just wanted to say thank you to everyone from the reiki course at the weekend. Lexi was actually walking like a "normal" dog on Mondays walk and barely had any of her wiggle at hydrotherapy yesterday" Kate Brownhill, West Midlands


"Had a lovely day doing my animal reiki training today.

Thank you Niki for another great course". Cara G Sheringham


"Thank you Niki Senior, Sky the Border Collie and I had a lovely day".  Claire Timewell, Sheringham


"Thank you for a great course today". Linda Daykin, Burnham Market


"With a thirst to know and study more animal specific training,  I was drawn to the UK in March 2014 to study with Niki Senior. Niki's professionally certificated Animal Magic training, with its emphasis on energy healing and live practice sessions, really grabbed my attention.  I was also drawn to the crystal healing content, animal communication and the animal attunements.   Since returning to Australia, the work with Niki has given me more confidence in working with animals as a healer and I now have paying clients.  Thanks to the training, I am now well on the way to being the Doctor Doolittle dream of my childhood.  My animals have taught me many lessons but one of the most important is to follow your heart on all things.  It was definitely my heart that spoke to me and drew me to the Animal Magic Training with Niki. I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything other than helping animals as a healer, pet minder, guardian and being an advocate for animal rights.  They have enriched my life so much and given me more love, joy and happiness for which I am eternally grateful".  Diana Petterson, Melbourne, Australia


"Great day yesterday! Thank you so much. Feeling very enlightened!" Helen Johnson, Leeds


"Thank you for a lovely day. Really had fun". Lesley Gibson, Cambs


"Hi Niki, I just wanted to thank you for teaching me yesterday. It was a stunning day , with beautiful animals, people  and surrounding. I couldn't have wished for a better  place to learn my animal healing. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and driving home I was thinking what a privilege and pleasure  it was to have met you and that the course has made we have a renewed sense of purpose and pleasure  in my life . It's a wonderful feeling to have and I thank you, the animals and the universe for giving me that. Many thanks".  Helen Fox, London.


"Thank you for the fantastic course Niki. I really enjoyed it and it was great meeting you and the others. I have learnt a lot from it and am looking forward to putting it into practice. A big thank you also to Leo, Bella and Jazz for letting us work on them". David, Pembrokeshire.


"Hi lovely Niki, it was so wonderful to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for everything yesterday, I loved the whole day, it was fabulous". Victoria Wright Standen, Hereford.


"I had the most amazing day yesterday with some lovely people and animals on the Animal Magic Soul Speak animal communication course. I communicated with a horse & a dog. All the information was confirmed by my wonderful teacher Niki. This is just a start of something new and magical.......watch this space! Liana Lovie, Stirling, Scotland


"I enjoyed the course at the weekend! I can connect to the intuitive approach of Niki, it is very close to my personal approach to work, especially when animals are involved. Niki is also very energetic, with lots of information and examples from her work and life in general, which was very inspiring. Also the atmosphere was very relaxed.   I came with an open heart and was trying not to have any specific expectations in advance. But it was more than I could have imagined. I enjoyed Niki's energy and energy of the group, I concentrated on new information we were getting, and trying to learn as much as I could. The structure of the course was well put, very interesting and very inspirational". Irena, Croatia


"I just want to say your course was excellent! It was a well thought out intensive thorough weekend which was filled with a lot of laughter and a few tears of emotion for good measure!  It was a fabulous group with like-minded people working together, couldn’t have asked for better. For the whole weekend I was oblivious to life outside of the course which was executed perfectly by our teacher Niki and supported and surrounded by lovely people in equally lovely surroundings". Lisa Fewtrell, Dereham, Norfolk


"Good morning Niki - It was truly amazing and inspiring to meet you on Saturday and thank you so very much for the most wonderful day on Saturday.  It has given me confidence for my future path wherever, whatever and whenever it is!! I really didn’t want the course to end.  I KNOW I will see you again and thank you for all the beautiful work you do for the animal kingdom. We are blessed to have you amongst us". Jeannie, London.


"Good afternoon Niki, thank you for a lovely day Saturday sharing your wisdom and love. Sue Leet, Thetford, Norfolk


"Hi Niki, Thank you so much for a fabulous training session yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and met some lovely people who. Have made some lovely new friends and learnt the true art of animal communication." Cara Glassfield, Sheringham, Norfolk


"Thank you Niki for sharing everything you know. I have wanted to make a difference in the lives of the animals that touch my life on a daily basis in our rescue centre her in New York. I am so looking forward to 2012 when I can put all my new skills into practice. Throughout the duration of my case studies I saw near miracles and to be part of that touched my soul more than anything else in the world." Nancy C, New York USA


"Just a quick thank you for yesterday which was an interesting and illuminating day for me, as I am sure it was for the others." Carole, Norwich.


"I have now completed two courses with Niki and I have found all the content and tuition totally beneficial and helpful. Niki does not only provide the tuition but is more than willing to offer support at any time. All the training is carried out in a relaxed and supportive manor. Every course I have attended organised by her has made more confident and inspired in my chosen field." Steve Daykin, Nottingham


"Thank you Niki for absolutely everything. For a terrific course, for the wonderful crystals, for the other lovely people on it, for Kay providing the venue and the Bed & Breakfast and looking after us so very well. And most of all, thank you for you; I sensed a kindred spirit. And the final attunement was totally amazing....Love and blessings." Carole, Leeds, Yorkshire


"This was the best course I have ever attended and I can truly say that it has influenced my thinking for the future and how I take my life forward. I look forward to enhancing abilities to heal animals. Thank you Niki." Richard, Yorkshire


"Once again thank you for a lovely weekend. Love and light". David Barton, Devon


"I began looking on the internet for relevant information on animal healers and came across Niki Senior from Norfolk. When the day arrived I found myself in a tiny village in Norfolk, standing outside the venue.  I entered and was greeted by a very gentle, smiling lady who turned out to be Niki. After attending the Foundation and Practitioner Levels I am also booked onto the Mastership training in October 2011 and I am convinced that this is the correct path for me to follow. I came away from the training days feeling so calm and relaxed – it was a truly wonderful experience." Jackie B, North Yorkshire


"Clearly Niki has a vast amount of experience in the healing field and I am very grateful to her for sharing this through these courses.  Thank you Niki for all of your hand work and dedication" Toni Mann, Nottingham


"Your course has had a profound effect on my life. I am blessed to have met you and can't wait to see you in September". Val W, Wisbech


"I found the attunement so moving on the training day and I can hardly believe how my life has changed almost overnight since I met you. Synchronicities are presenting themselves and I am experiencing many magical moments each day. I now understand when you say animals are your life. I am now 'trusting' in the universe to guide me on this wonderful path of animal healing" Margaret Malham, Loire, France


"Sunday was an amazing day and I feel so enlightened and lifted. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to encourage me on this path after such self doubt" Jenny Kingsley, Orkney, Scotland


"One of the best days of my life! So much loved the course and feel so at home healing animals. Wonderful people on the course and LOVE the pictures" Linda Bullivant, Chesterfield


"I felt that everything I have learnt from the two courses has been an absolute joy to learn.  Niki is such a professional teacher and teaches in such a way that you feel loved when you go there. I look forward to my many other courses with Niki as I know that the teaching standards are of a very high standard." Julie Skelley, Jersey


"Thank you so much for another brilliant training course, you are an excellent teacher with so much passion and commitment to animals and healing, you are a wonderful inspiration. I had wanted to hug you to say thank you as we said goodbye but the attunement had been very emotional and I thought that I would probably cry all over you so held back to spare drenching you! . I enjoyed listening to Niki: her teaching style is very open and informal and has a lightness of delivery, which made the subject matter very accessible for me." Morgaine, Norfolk


"What a wonderful day learning about my favourite subject - animals! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with me and the group. I am really looking forward to putting all that I learned into practice and I am so glad I can call you anytime and that we are keeping in touch" Jillian Molden, Belfast, Ireland


"Niki, thank you so much for a wonderful day. Foundation course was certainly worth all the travelling! It was fabulous from start to finish. You explained everything in detail and I just couldn't have learned all this from a book! Looking forward to coming over again for the Crystals Course" Caron Apanovich, Toronto, Canada


"Thankyou sooo much for today, ive really really enjoyed it. Thankyou  really really nice to meet you" - Janette Holme, Lincs  


"Just a quick to thank you for the course yesterday and to say it was a real pleasure to meet you. Seeing you yesterday reminded me that there are still good,decent human beings out there, who are not consumed with ego and status. It's all too easy to let the bad and negative encounters spoil what should be a powerful and positive learning experience. Take good care of yourself, Kindest regards as always" Laura Campbell, Glasgow


"Thank you so much for today, I feel very calm and relaxed this evening and can't wait to start reading the literature tomorrow. Best wishes" Michelle Holmes, Cardiff


"Hello Niki- Just a few things - Firstly a big thank you for yesterday - I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed it and how I am encouraged by your words and observations to move forward. I will keep you in touch with my progress and I promise that I will do what we spoke about yesterday. You are quite right -the world needs this, and I have been procrastinating for too long. Lesley Pasuto, Nottingham


"Many thanks for Friday. I must tell you that I feel great, sort of cleansed and whole againand really looking forward to life once more. Thank you so much!!!" Soo, Cardiff


"Thankyou very much for going through course 1 with me. I really enjoyed it " Laura Briers, Milton Keynes


"Just wanted to say thank you for making us feel welcome and how much we enjoyed talking to you and learning more about animal healing. You have given us the confidence to branch out into healing (when we feel ready!), and we will definitely be doing the level 2 course" Nicola & Emma Hind, Chester


"Just thought I would update you on how things are going - I now work 3 full days doing animal healing! Thank you so much for the referrals Niki, it has gone so much better than I ever expected. It really was fate that I saw your website. Clare Wilson, Norwich, Norfolk


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. It has helped me on my healing path more than I ever imagined. I am so delighted to be able to report I now work 3.5 days as an animal healer and since I have completed your courses everything has just moved so quickly. Thank you once again I feel truly blessed to know you. Fianna C. Cromer, Norfolk.


"As I explained to you I felt guided towards your website and I am so thankful for that. Animal have always been a big part of my life and now I can finally see a way to work with them at soul level. Thank you so much for the referrals, I have gained 4 weekly assignments from them! Being a Solicitor just doesn't compare to working with animals. Thank you Niki for showing me the way" Geraldine Summers, Sudbury, Suffolk




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