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If you wish to book any Animal Magic© Graduate Healer to help with your animal, here are some guidelines:-


*Animal Magic© Training adheres to a strict code of practice & ethics, fully complying with the 1966 Veterinary Protection Act.


Animal Magic© Training uses vibrational methods of healing. No manipulation of animal tissue is demonstrated during training, nor condoned after graduating.


*Don't neglect to seek professional medical help. Healing is not a substitute for veterinary medicine. Always seek veterinary advice first in relation to your animal.


*Do check the credentials of any healer before going ahead with the therapy. Always request a copy of the healer's certificates and insurance.


*Request information on cost of healing treatment & any cancellation policy.


*The professional healer should always complete a detailed consultation form - please ensure you sign this.


*You, as the animals' guardian, should always be present when healing is taking place.


*Do give a description of the ailment to the healer, in addition advising them of when the animal last saw their Vet.


*If neccessary your animal will be required to have seen the Vet before a hands on healing treatment can take place. In some cases a referral or agreement of treatment may be needed by your vet before the Healer can visit.


*Always choose a quiet place for the healing environment. If you have children or other pets then it may be an idea to allow the healer to work in a quiter area.


*Be positive about the healing. Leave scepticism behind


* Know that along with the healing energy, healers will also send the understanding that it is for the highest good of the recipient.


*You, as the animals' guardian will be required to sign and date a disclaimer form giving your consent to the treatment, along with being required to complete a consultation form.


*Animal Magic© Training courses adheres and support a strict code of practice & ethics and fully abides by the 1966 Veterinary Protection Act.



Disclaimer: I cannot endorse or take responsibility for the animal healers on the following pages of this website. Each Healer undertakes each healing assignment on their own merit. I am in no way responsible for their actions, professionalism or competence. Animal Magic© healing courses are 'hand's on healing' courses which is working with universal healing energy & includes no physical manipulation or diagnosis of condition of the anatomical body whatsoever. Students of Animal Magic© training are required to complete lengthy case studies and dissertation providing photographic and physical evidence of undertstanding of the training courses before professional certification is given.


If any animal is suffering from any condition then you MUST seek urgent veterinary medical treatment forthwith. By agreeing to undertake Healing for your animal from a healer on this website the agreement is between you and the Healer and I am in no way a third party to the said agreement.


Copyright N. J. Senior Animal Magic Training© 2016


Ethical Conduct & The 1966 Veterinary Protection Act

In Relation To Animal Healing