Football Spreads 101

Here we will go over the basics of how football spreads work in the world of sports betting.

First, imagine you had to bet on two teams playing football. One is the defending Super Bowl champions, the other is the team that came in last place the previous year. Obviously, the Super Bowl Champions most likely have the better team in this match up and the best chance to win.

If I were to walk up to you and say, “Hey, I’ll bet you $100 that the Champs are going to beat the Losers!” You would say “No way!” Without football spreads, it’s very hard to find www.ufabet fair match ups. But what if I told you, “I’ll bet you $100 that the Champs beat the Losers by at least 30 points.” Now you might be interested!

This is where the come into play. It’s a way of evening out match ups between uneven teams. If we had to wait for exactly evenly matched teams to play against each other, we would hardly ever be able to bet. With football spreads, every match up becomes even, and it becomes more difficult (and fun) to predict who will win a given match up.

So let’s take an example. Say you look in the newspaper, or an online site with football spreads, and you see it says for this game:

“Champs -7 @ Losers”

This tells you several things. Number one, the “@” or “AT” shows you where the game takes place (in this case, at the Loser’s home stadium). This information is important because a team at home generally plays better than than they would on the road. Why is that? Because they know the territory, they know where the play clocks are, they know how to run on the particular grass or turf, but the main difference maker is the crowd. A home crowd helps tremendously, since they will be loud when the opponent is trying to call plays and can often cause the opposing team to make mistakes. All else even, a home field game will often give the home team a 3 point advantage to their football spreads.

The other item you will notice in this example is the “-7” next to the Super Bowl Champs. This means they are “giving” 7 points. If you bet on the Super Bowl Champs, in order for you to win your bet the Champs will have to win by at least 7 points. If they win by less than 7, or if they lose, then you lose your bet.