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Each bingo player will be given an admission package by many bingo halls. The package typically costs around $20 and includes entry into the event, a book of bingo with sheets for every game, as well as bonus bonuses such a free dauber and extra bingo sheets for the jackpot game.

You should consider selling bingo books to your early bird games for $3-$5. Additional bingo books should also be sold at a discount on the admission price, usually for $5-$15 each. It’s a smart idea to sell additional single bingo sheets in order to win larger prizes (jackpot) games.

You can sell bingo books at a fixed price if you don’t want to offer an admission package.


You can make extra money by having raffles at your bingo event. Have a person smile and sell tickets during the event. It’s a great idea to advertise the raffle and sell tickets in advance.

There are two options: 50/50 raffles, where 50% of the proceeds goes to the prize, or you can raffle off one or several prizes. Your prizes must be of high quality and obvious value. Do not be cheap

Raffles, just like bingo, may also be subject to state regulation. Before you start, make sure to find out the state’s policy regarding raffles.


Pulltabs (charity tickets), which are similar to raffle tickets, can be a great way increase sales and revenue during bingo. 먹튀검증업체 are similar to scratch-off lottery tickets, but they have a series of windows that can be opened to reveal potential prizes. Each pulltab box contains a certain amount of prizes, usually around 75%. Each box of pulltabs is guaranteed to make a profit once it has been sold.

Pulltabs are available in many styles and games. You should know the rules of each game before you sell pulltabs.

Beware! Bingos have a stricter regulation of pulltabs than bingos. Make sure they are legal in your area. If they are legal in your state, ensure that you have the proper license to sell them.

Bingo Supplies

It can be difficult to find the right bingo supplies, especially paper. It can be confusing to order the right bingo books if you don’t know much about bingo. We recommend you read “How to Order Bingo Paper” on the  website for a quick overview and for some idea what bingo paper cuts and sizes that bingo paper comes in.

To save time, order your bingo supplies well in advance. The following items are likely to be required: bingo books, extra bingo sheets for jackpot games and bingo daubers (markers or players), raffle tickets and pulltabs, if legal in your region. Wholesale Bingo Supplies is a great resource for information on bingo supplies.

You might consider buying a sophisticated bingo console or equipment if you host bingos regularly. This can be costly. It’s best to borrow equipment for annual bingo. You can also purchase a quality, low-cost bingo cage.

Bingo Callers

Find a seasoned bingo caller if you can. It is not a good idea to hire a novice bingo caller who can’t handle the equipment (dropping the bingo balls mid-game can cause a catastrophe) or who lacks confidence before people. You can find an experienced caller if you are unable to find one. Have them practice the equipment before they start calling. Step-by-step, go through your bingo program.

Your bingo callers should call numbers at a consistent pace, regardless of their experience. For commercial bingo halls where experienced bingo players are present, we recommend that numbers be called every 20 seconds. This speed can be adjusted to suit your audience and the number of players. Your equipment should have a timer that will notify your caller when it is time to call. If there is no timer, you can use a clock or watch to call at a consistent pace.

Cash vs. Baskets or Other Prizes

It doesn’t matter if you give cash, prizes, or a combination of both to your bingo fundraiser. It doesn’t matter what you give away, the important thing is that you are giving something of value.

Your bingo prizes should be worth it. Fill your bingo baskets with quality products. Give away big jackpots if you are giving cash. Your bingo players want to win something when they win a game of bingo.

Bingo concessions

The bingo event usually lasts between 3-5 hours and the actual bingo game takes about 3 hours. It is essential to ensure that you have food and refreshments available. Bingo players aren’t robots. They will become hungry and thirsty.

Be sure to provide high-quality food and keep your prices low. It’s smart business for your bingo concession to be a draw for your event and not a profit centre. Your bingo games can make money, while your concession keeps your players happy and healthy.

A bingo fundraiser requires planning. It’s necessary to organize a team, find a qualified caller, obtain prize donations, locate a site and advertise. You should allow yourself at most a month to prepare.