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Akshu Sees A Kite Station And Finds A Kite And Draws A Family Portrait With The Two Families With Her And Abhimanyu In The Middle. She Places The Kite On The Wishing Wall, But It Flies And Reaches Abhimanyu. She Says To Him This Is The Second Time Destiny Has Made Us Meet On The Same Day. He Says It’s A Lucky Day For Him. She Asks Him If He’s Alone. He Tells Her The Whole Family Has Come. She Says She Is Scared If Things Go Wrong Again. He Says Now They Are Together They Will Handle Every Situation. An Announcement Is Made To Start The Celebration With Kite Flying And To Everyone To Gather Together. The Families Come Face To Face With Each Other. Akshu And Abhimanyu Get Worried.

Manish Wishes Everyone For Makar Sankranti. Harshwardhan Challenges Him To The Kite Flying Competition. Suhasini Tries To Stop Manish, But He Says Today He Needs To Do This To Teach Him A Lesson. Harshwardhan Says Let’s Have A Kite Flying Competition. Akshu Says To Kairav And Vansh To Join In The Kite Flying Or It Will Become A Dangal Between Them. Kairav Agrees With Her And Joins In. She Then Texts Abhimanyu To Also Ask His Family To Join In The Kite Flying.

While The Taunting Heats Up Between Manish And Harshwardhan. Neil Cuts Arohi’s Kite And She Leaves Angrily. He Follows Her And Says Why Is She Like This Instead She Should Have Just Apologized And Moved On. She Says To Him That He Goes Around Behaving Like Sherlock Holmes But One Day When He Gets Trapped In A Situation Then She’ll See His Comeback.

Akshu Goes To A Corner Thinking About How Suhasini Told Her Stories Of Her Parents Finding A Solution Always To Lift Up The Family’s Mood When They Are Upset. Abhimanyu Holds Her From Behind And Says She Always Finds Him In A Corner As She Can’t Be Away yrkkh latest gossip From Him. She Says To Him To Not Joke Around, He Says He Can’t Become Serious Like The Others In The Family. She Says To Him That She Has A Plan, He Says He’ll Follow Her To The End Of The World.

Akshu Starts A Dance And Abhimanyu Joins In. They Then Pull The Others In The Family To Dance To Normal Things Between Them. Everyone Dances Together. Suvarna And Suhasini, Manjuri And Mahima Talk To Each Other About The Selflessness Of The Kids And Their Try To Better Things. Akshu Goes To A Corner To Fly A Kite With Abhimanyu. Akshu Notices A Wire Hanging Loose And About To Fall While She Is Flying The Kite With Abhimanyu.